Open industrialized systems represent the transposition into the constructive field of technological research in the productive chain and they restore the prospective evolution of industrial systems in construction, ensuring the adoption of the most innovative technical solution and foster the wider variability of the different hosing models.
This book reports results of the collaboration between scientific research carried on at the PDTA Department University Sapienza of Rome and field experimentation operated by construction companies. CCAbita open building system, through its typological set of rules and its industrial components catalogue, ensures the wider architectonical variation, offering technical solution able to narrow costs and time in construction and operating buildings.
Furthermore the system concretely guarantees living quality and environmental sustainability for the proposed model for investors and architects. Choosing of CCAbita represents a qualifying element for the development of real estate investments. Adopting system they can operate along the building process, modifying performances and costs for each intended use (social and student housing, private real estate, health buildings).