The publication provides a systematic compendium of information on the problems posed by the construction of a building organization. The illustrated method and technical knowledge tools are aimed at better understanding the operational relationship between the design of a building and its subsequent executive moment.
The text develops through the description of building systems and construction techniques, components and construction products. The concrete, steel, glass, wood and dry technologies are analyzed in their morphological, performance, integration aspects and in the mutual design and construction implications.
The evolution of materials, techniques and production systems is described in relation to the most recent experiments, also driven in our country thanks to greater environmental awareness and made possible by the most recent production innovations.
The second part summarizes the information necessary to acquire awareness of the architectural project as a “design process”, characterized by sequences, roles of operators, methodologies and new operating instruments, in a synoptic framework. The text is updated in the regulatory references up to the most recent transpositions of EU directives on public contracts for works, supplies and services.
The full-bodied iconographic apparatus accompanying the text (figures and functional diagrams, drawings and constructive details) is systematized by topics and integrated with a large number of construction site images, which more fully describe the phases of the work most affected by quality construction of the architectural organism. This with the intent to bring the concreteness of the construction act, in all its real and – therefore – imperfect, forms into the technical documentation to support the designer.
The attached IT support contains 145 drawings of construction details of works carried out, organized according to the breakdown of the technological system, having a direct reference with the sequential treatment of the paragraphs of the text. The sections of the main rules governing public works are also shown.