Technology has become the driving factor of contemporary development; social behavior and organizational processes are strongly influenced by technological innovations that determine continuous progress.

The speed of change also exposes the construction sector to the difficulty of synchronously acknowledging these thrusts.

The publication proposes a different approach to the architectural design and transformation of the built environment. Starting from an investigation and reporting logic, the fifty documented projects make it possible to make visible the complexity of designing in the building process by understanding the system of relations between the ideation and realization of the work.

For each of the ten implementation processes analyzed, the information principles linking the role of the designer to the other parties involved are exposed: from the client, to the implementing body, to the financing bodies, to the construction company.

Assessments are reported for each supply chain and tools are used to manage conflicts, derived from the direct experience of the author who, over the course of over a decade, has developed the projects analyzed as group coordinator involved in a continuous dialogue between research and experimentation in the field.