Model design for an open building system considers the system itself as an integration of different technological solutions and various products already available on the market. Thanks to a technological integration matrix (TIM) building projects are developed adopting – time to time – each specific technical solution/s in the catalogue within range of products which are compliant with the adopted system.

This open construction system, namely ECO.H (Environment COnscious interactive buildings), lays on a BIM platform (Revit Autodesk); here all technological, typological and technical informations are held individuating morphological, performance and technical-economic characteristics for each product in the catalogue.

Thanks to this BIM platform it is possible to adapt continuously each phase in building project (pre-design, economic feasibility, design,…) to maximize the effect of optimizing each solution chosen having in mind the complete set of informations needed for the full integration of components within the technological system.

Based on a set of available market products (buildings works, facilities and equipment) and on a system able to asses any possible integrations, all different configurations will constitute the base line for the TIM (Technology Integration Matrix). Then, the construction system will be designed thanks to  integration of different technological solutions in one model, which will integrate innovative solutions and products with conventional solutions/products organized in innovative industrial production chain.

The BIM platform upgraded with TIM (Technological Integration Matrix) will host not only a set of pre-defined solutions/components but will be upgradable with new products/solutions which will be  analyzed according to performance features and the level of integration with existing ones.