Our proposal

Technology has become the driving factor in contemporary development, social behavior and organizational processes are strongly influenced by technological innovations that determine continuous progress.

The speed of change also exposes the construction project sector to the difficulty of synchronously acknowledging these thrusts

ApiuA proposes an approach to architectural design and technical services for the transformation of the built environment which, starting from a logic of investigation and integration, allows to face the complexity of designing in the building process through understanding the system of the relationships that exist between ideation and realization of the work.

Architecture is a thing of art, a phenomenon of the emotions, lying outside questions of construction and beyond them. The purpose of construction is to make things hold together the one of architecture is to move us.

Le Corbusier

Our approach

The information principles that link the role of the designer, works manager and project manager to the other parties involved are applied to each order: from the client, to the implementing body, to the financing bodies, to specialists, to the construction company.

For each job, evaluations for risk assesment are developed and tools taken from direct experience are developed, developed in a continuous dialogue between research and experimentation in the field.

Architecture must have charm; it is a factor of beauty in society. But real beauty is not a conception of form: it is the result of harmony between several intrinsic factors, not the least, the social.

Alvar Aalto



Urban planning, architectural and environmental planning company active in Bologna since 1987.